Cabin Location


274 Southeast Lake Drive

Estelline, SD  57234


The cabin is located on the southeast side of the lake noted by the X in the map below.  It is an hour and 15 minutes from Sioux Falls, 25 minutes from Brookings and 15 minutes from Watertown.  There are many ways you can take to get to the lake but the 4 most common are below.


1) Probably the easiest and maybe the quickest (but not the most scenic) way.  Take I-29 north to the Estelline exit, which is Highway 28.  Go west through Estelline and about another 6 or so miles the road will curve to the north.  Rather than following the curve keep going straight west.  Take the very next left onto the gravel road going south.  Continue south a mile or so until you see the street sign that says Southeast Lake Drive and turn right going west.


2) This is my favorite way to the lake.  Take I-29 north to the Madison exit (Highway 34) then take Highway 81 north from Madison up through Arlington.  Highway 81 from Madison to the lake is a 2-lane highway with a lot of water sometimes on both sides of the road.  Once you get to the lake take South Lake Drive east past Twisters ice cream on the right and the Lake Poinsett Methodist Camp a ways down on your left.  You will come to the state park once you get there turn right going south.  This road will curve around to the east.  Keep going east until you get to the first gravel road going north.  Close to a mile down the road you will see the Southeast Lake Drive sight turn left going west.


3) Take I-29 north to the Brookings exit and taking Highway 14 west to Arlington then Highway 81 north to the lake.


4) A fourth route, which I rarely take, is to go west on I-90 to the Highway 19 exit.  Take Highway 19 north to Madison then 81 north to the lake.  This is probably the furthest and most time consuming route to the lake.